What's an Aaron Lovejoy?

I was born Aaron Rayburn, but Lovejoy is who I am!
I'm a cross-disciplinary creative professional!
That means I have experience in the creative industry spanning:

  • Advertising
  • Art Installation & Experience Design
  • Team Building
  • Creative Pitching & Strategy
  • Building Global Brands

I've worked at some of the best agencies in the world for some of the biggest brands in existence.
But that doesn't mean I only make work for the big kids! 

If you have a crazy creative vision, I can bring it to life. 
Are you ready to say yes to your dream? 
Is it time for you to make some history? 
Let's make some culture, and do together what we can't do alone!

Send a note to:


Let's blast off into the cosmos, angel fish!



Speaking / Events

I will totally show up to your event in stilts and sparkles, and speak on topics like:

  • How to Grab our Hearts in Order to Engage in the Act of Creativity!
  • The Age of Hyper-Connectivity and How We Can Shine in it!
  • Contemporary Creative Culture and What to Do About It!
  • The Magic of the (Graphic) Cosmos We Live In!

Aaron Rayburn at CreativeMornings Portland, September 2016. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world's creative community at https://creativemornings.com/talks


Features + Press

refinery thumbnail.jpg

refinery 29

Short-form bio film following the end of my artist residency at Office of Virtue and culminating exhibition/installation. Dimensions of the Heart is a multi-sensory love-based experience where the public spends 120 seconds in a phone-free environment, saturated in prismatic color. 

Need a heart-based installation? This experience can be replicated anywhere in the world!
Send inquiries to aaronlovejoy@aaronlovejoy.com

the guardian thumbnail.jpg

the guardian

Co-written with my tallest pal Ben Vickery, I wrote two features for the legendary publication focusing on Portland, Oregon, my hometown!

esquire thumbnail.jpg

esquire magazine

Esquire asked me to reimagine their identity for a special Portfolio Edition in Spring 2011, where they named me among the 12 most innovative designers in America.